Stackable Wood Chairs (T041 Chair)

The T041 Chair, which is constructed of solid hardwood materials, is ideal for us in chapels, choirs, and sanctuaries. It features a generous back and seat cushion to provide maximum support and comfort. The built-in underseat bookrack is standard, and it is accessible from the front and the back. The T041 chair is 21"w X 19"d X 31"h.

T041 Wood Frame Chair front viewUnderseat bookrack is standard
T041 Chairs in stackChairs are easily stackable
T041 Chairs ganged in straight rowChairs gang together in straight rows
Installation photo of T041 chair used in chapel setting

Optional Features

T041 Chair rear view with folded kneelerChairs are made to use a folding kneeler
Close up view of T041 side ganging bookrack The side-mounted bookrack slides into the frame and also serves as a ganging device to lock adjacent chairs together.

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