Overstock Church Items

Various other items become overstocked, and these items may be used in multiple applications. All are ready to ship, and they must ship with the colors indicated here. We are pleased to offer these items at reduced cost in order to move them. Call for shipping information. Orders will ship within 3-5 days of placing an order.

Oak Candle stand, adjustable Candle Stand
$550 in stain 128
Oak Cross stand, adjustable Cross Stand
$635 in stain 128
In-stock - #900 Flower Stand 900 Flower Stand
$615 in stain 124
In-stock - 8400AS Flower Stand 8400AS Flower Stand
$360 in stain 43
In-stock - 8300 Flower Stand (2) 8300 Flower Stand (2)
$445 each in stain 128
In-stock - 305 Colonial Offering Table 305 Colonial Offering Table
$250 in stains 127/190
Church Collection plates, finished wood TOP-18 Collection Plate
$95 each in stains 35/43/37

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