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Imperial Woodworks was started in 1960 in Waco, TX by a group of hard-working men who had been raised in and around the church furniture business but were determined to find a better way to serve the church market. From 1960 to 1999, the company continually grew, operating out of a three-story manufacturing facility downtown. As a family business, Imperial was in an ideal location - less than two miles from Baylor University, a Baptist-based school; about 100 miles from both Dallas and Austin; and a mere days drive from almost any town in the Bible Belt. Early success was with smaller, local churches, and the coverage area spread slowly around the country as word spread by satisfied customers.

In 1999, Imperial Woodworks built a new, one-story manufacturing facility, only 15 minutes from their birthplace downtown. Business continued to increase, and in 2003, Imperial Woodworks purchased the assets of Overholtzer Church Furnishings that operated out of Modesto, CA. Historically a relentless competitor, the result of the acquisition and the ensuing exchange of ideas, experiences, machinery, techniques, etc, was a broadened and improved offering from Imperial Woodworks. In 2004, due to continued success and popularity in the church market, Imperial was forced to add on to their manufacturing plant that was not more than 5 years old. Now, Imperial operates out of a 120,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, manufacture facility that includes several CNC routers and numerous computerized machines for highly accurate cutting, sanding, shaping, planing, and finishing of all types of wood products.

Currently, Imperial has a presence in all 50 states, and consistently does work in Canada and Mexico every year. Though still growing and expanding, a family-centered focus still remains. Imperial is run today by the second generation, and the third generation is already in place, getting more training and experience everyday.

Technology, experience, and devotion to the craft of furniture making have placed Imperial Woodworks, Inc. in the enviable position as America’s leader in the manufacture of high quality worship seating. From the selection of raw materials through delivery and installation of the finished product, Imperial Woodworks, Inc. provides you the quality and value churches across America have learned to rely on for more than 50 years. We earn our place in the market, one project at a time.

55 Years In 2015, Imperial proudly celebrates its 55th year in the church furniture business. We invite you to read our featured article published in Manufacturing Today! Thank you to all of our customers how have supported us through the years.

Click here for information on our Environmental Stewardship Award.

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