Frequently Asked Questions

As you begin your search for pews or other church furniture, these are some questions you might consider asking.

Are you a manufacturer or a sales company?

In today’s market, there exists opportunities for small businesses to be established sometimes using home offices. This is a wonderful entrepreneurial opportunity in many cases. However, it may not be good business for the church.

The reasons are varied, but important:

  1. Warranty and repair work will most likely be accomplished by a manufacturer because the resources to accomplish the work are readily available. Not so with marketing or sales companies. Marketing and Sales companies are at the mercy of the manufacturer – whose name is not on the contract.
  2. Manufacturers are normally corporations. Well run corporations transcend generations. Records of sales are on hand for matching and other purposes. Sales and marketing companies normally go out of business when the founder retires. Subsequent to that retirement records no longer matter and may simply be discarded.
  3. After the sales company ceases to exists, the church may have no idea who made the furniture or how contact can be made should service work or matching furniture be needed.

How good is the warranty?

Ask for references.Not for references of those who have not had a problem, but of those who have. This is the acid test for how well the company is run. Manufacturers produce millions of dollars of product every year. Perfection is the goal, but life isn’t perfect. Problems inevitably arise. It is important to know how well those problems are handled.

How long have you been in business?

Experience is the best teacher. Imperial Woodworks, Inc has been in continuous operation since 1960. Church furniture could be defined as the mass production of custom products. Attention to detail and knowledge of job site conditions and problems to be addressed have been a daily routine for Imperial Woodworks, Inc for 50 years.

Are Imperial pews solid wood or plywood and solid wood or MDF?

Yes.   Imperial Woodworks, Inc. tailors the product to meet the expectations of the customer. Advice and expert help is available about what type of pew works best in any particular situation.

Does Imperial Woodworks, Inc offer woods other than Red Oak?

Yes. Imperial Woodworks, Inc. offers pews made in many wood species.

 Are factory tours available for potential buyers?

Factory visits are available and encouraged. Getting to know the church furniture manufacturer can be a rewarding experience.

Are on site consultations available nationally with factory representatives – free and without obligation?

Yes. In fact, Imperial Woodworks, Inc. maintains a presence throughout the United States, in most Canadian Provinces, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Shipments are also made routinely to Mexico and other South and Central American countries. In house Spanish speakers are available to assist those who desire to converse in Spanish.

Can documentation be made of how well companies – including Imperial Woodworks, Inc. are run?

Yes, absolutely. The church can have a Dunn & Bradstreet Report done for any church furniture company. Normally the church’s banker or insurance agency will gladly assist with the report. A Dunn & Bradstreet Report provides a company history and statement of the financial well being of the company and other important information that should be known prior to the investment of a large sum of money in church furniture.

How far in advance of delivery can church furniture be purchased?

Normal production time for pews is 90 to 120 days from the time the contract is signed. Churches wanting to lock in a price during these uncertain financial times can do so. At Imperial Woodworks, Inc. when a contract is signed and the down payment made, the price is guaranteed good for 12 months.

Pulpit furniture orders can be shipped is less than 30 days in most cases. Custom furniture, which is always welcome, usually takes a little longer.

In stock chairs ship within 5 days of the receipt of the contact and money.

Efficient deliveries are normal operating procedure at Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

Are quick deliveries possible?

Yes. The selected fabric must be available. If the selected fabric is available, Imperial endeavors to meet any schedule needing special attention.