Used Pews Listing

As a service to our valued customers, Imperial provides a free 90-day listing of used pews below to help sell their existing furniture. If your church is in need of seating and you are considering used pews, please contact the customers listed below to find out if they have pews that will work well for you. As an alternative, you may consider using Imperial's Easy Payment Plan to facilitate the purchase of brand new pews. Contact our office at 800-234-6624 to learn more about the features of our payment plan and the benefits of new pews versus used pews.

Ft. Meade, FL

Contact Mr. Curtis Franklin for details @ 863-698-3450.
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Schulenburg, TX

28 pews in various lengths.
Contact Mr. Bryan Klesel for details @ 979-743-4151.
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Youngstown, OH

22 pews @ 12’ and 2 @ 6’.
Contact Pastor Eddie Dunlap @ 440-263-7473.
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Nocatee, FL

12 pews @ 9’.
Contact Pastor Cynthia Langston @ 863-244-9196.
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Mayflower, AR

Best offer on over 25 pews which vary in length.
Contact Nick Lasker @ 501-813-4958.
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King George, VA

Make offer on 15 pews @ approximately 11’.
Contact Robyn @ 540-220-8445.
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Houston, TX

41 pews in various lengths. $75 each or best offer.
Contact Mr. Luis Lugo @ 713-398-1203 or Mrs. Deloris Evans @
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Victoria, TX

Church furniture, light oak wood color with burgundy cloth upholstery. Approximately 50 years old. Overall in good condition with expected surface and upholstery wear & tear. All furniture is matching design.
For inquiries, please call 361-578-5447 or email
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