Used Church Pews

Your church is finally moving to its own sanctuary and look at the price of new church pews and think that the congregation will have to make do with the existing seating for a while longer. Your church has given you a budget for refurbishing their worship space, and new pews will take the entire amount and more. If this describes your situation, we at Imperial Woodworks, Inc. suggest you think about used church pews.

The majority of church pews are made of quality materials that do not deteriorate over time. Used church pews from as far back as the early 1900s are often still rock solid. The design and decorative carving may be of a unique type that you can’t get anywhere else. Some used church pews may need refinishing, but basic construction remains viable.

Sell Used Church Pews

On the other hand, what if your church is moving or closing and there is still a lot of use left in the sanctuary pews? If you have decided to leave your old furniture behind, try finding someone who wants to buy it. Whether they are antique or more recent in origin, your wood pews deserve a good home and continued use.

At Imperial Woodworks, Inc. we have a Used Pews section on our Website where buyers and sellers can get together. Just give us some information about your church and, if you are selling, three photos of your used pews. At no cost you will be registered to buy, sell and contribute to our forum.