Pew Ends

Imperial pew ends add the finishing touch and enhance the handcrafted beauty of our distinctive Imperial pew. You may select from the wide range of pew end designs for the one which best suits your needs and style. Two concealed fasteners are used at the end of every Imperial pew. These anchors ensure stability as well as easy floor maintenance. Using the latest technology, including CNC routers, Imperial offers the unique ability to enhance a standard pew end with your custom design or logo to create an original pew end for your congregation. Please contact our office or request a FREE catalog for more information.

Traditional Pew Ends Cantilever Pew Ends Colonial Pew Ends Standard Edge Molds

Traditional Pew Ends

Pew End No. 40A40A
Pew End No. 40B40B
Pew End No. 40C40C
Pew End No. 40D40D
Pew End No. 40E40E
Pew End No. 40F40F
Pew End No. 5252
Pew End No. 200200
Pew End No. 3370-S Waterfall pew end3371-S
Pew End No. 3471S3471-S

Cantilever Pew Ends

All-stained cantilever pew ends provide a contemporary style to the more traditional floor-type pew end. Congregations today have the difficult task of meeting the demands of traditional and contemporary styles of worship, and our cantilever ends help to supply this need. In addition, cantilever pew ends can be used with accessories such as bookracks and kneelers to serve all congregations.

Cantilever Pew End No. 10#10
Cantilever Pew End No. 12#12
Cantilever Pew End No. 23#23
Cantilever Pew End No. 24#24
C511 - 1 1/4"
Cantilever Pew End C900C900
Pew End No. C902 All StainedC902
C3171 All Stain
C3371 All Stain
C5310 All Stain

Colonial Pew Ends

Imperial’s colonial pew ends come in cantilever and floor-type versions, and these ends can be made with decorative face routs or plain-faced. All colonial pew ends come come standard with solid red oak caps and bases for beauty as well as durability. A two-tone finish is normally furnished with a special scuff resistant coating to our special white finish. Also available in an all stain finish.

Pew End 3071 COL3071 COL
Pew End 3171 COL3171 COL
Cantilever Pew End C3371 COLC3371 COL
Pew End 3471 COL3471 COL
5310 COL
Cantilever Pew End C3171COLC3171 Colonial
C5310 Colonial
C900 Colonial

Standard Edge Molds

Imperial offers a variety of decorative edgemolds that can be applied to enhance the beauty of your pew ends. Edgemolds can be used to coordinate the appearance of church pews with other church furniture, as well as to accentuate the natural beauty of red oak. Our most popular designs are shown here. Please contact us or request a FREE catalog if you would like more information regarding the available profiles.

Pew End edgemold No. 4#4
Pew End edgemold No. 5#5
Pew End edgemold No. 21#21
Pew End edgemold No. 22#22

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