Clergy / Platform Seating

Imperial manufactures a wide range of church clergy chairs to best suit your church needs and to coordinate with your other pulpit furniture. All pulpit chair sets offer a 44" tall side pulpit chair and a 48" tall center pulpit chair. These chairs do not have to be sold in sets as shown. Imperial’s pulpit chairs are made of solid red oak, with poplar for the white portions. Wood stain and upholstery colors for these chairs are available to match your church pews from Imperial.

No. 200 Series Platform Chairs - Set of 3 Chairs200 Pulpit Chairs
No. 400 Series Platform Chairs - Set of 3 Chairs400 Pulpit Chairs
No. 500 Series Platform Chairs - Set of 3 Chairs500 Pulpit Chairs
No. 8200 Series Pulpit Chairs8200 Pulpit Chairs (two tone)
No. 8200 Series All-stained pulpit chair set8200 Pulpit chairs (all stained)
No. 822 Series pulpit chair set822 Pulpit chairs (two tone)
No. 822 Series All-stained pulpit chair set822 Pulpit chairs (all stained)

Sedilias / Clergy Pews

Imperial offers standard styles and sizes of sedilias to provide flexible platform seating that matches more closely to sanctuary pews. Options are available for a single-seat sedilia, which is 2'4", or a double-seat sedilia, which is 4'0". Sedilia pews come standard with a 4" padded pew seat, and options are available for a padded pew back or a finished wood back. Many fabric and finish colors are available.

No. 953 Sedilia - Clergy Pew with padded back and seat953 / 984 Sedilia
No. 940 Sedilia - Clergy Pew with wood back and padded seat940 / 984 Sedilia

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