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The largest manufacturer of church furniture and church pews in the United States whose sole business is church furniture.

Since 1960, we have supplied the highest quality church furniture and church pews to churches throughout the country. Our product lines include pews, church chairs, pulpits, communion tables, chancel furniture, tithe boxes, and many other custom wood furniture items. We welcome the opportunity to work with nearly all denominations of churches. Imperial Woodworks is a family-owned business making custom wooden church furniture. With the family's second and third generations now in place, our 120,000 sq. ft. factory allows us to produce everything needed to furnish your church.

At Imperial, we combine the latest manufacturing technology with old-fashioned work ethics and customer service. Our ultimate goal is to create a product whose quality and value far exceed the costs, and to forge a new, long-lasting friendship with our customers in the process.

Several pew and chair styles are available to match the desired look for your interior décor. All Imperial Woodworks furniture and church pews are designed with scientific, modern ergonomic principles in mind to create the most comfortable church furniture available today. And that creates lasting value for your church.


In 2010, Imperial proudly celebrated its 50th year in the church furniture business. We invite you to read our featured article recently published in Manufacturing Today! Thank you to all of our customers how have supported us through the years.

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