Pulpit Furniture - 820 Series

Imperial's #820 Series of chancel furniture illustrates our beautiful colonial appearance like the 810 Series, but the 820 series takes this one step further. All of the pulpits, communion tables, and flower stands in this series are decorated with dentil mold, include fluted legs, and have routed windows in lieu of applied moldings.
No. 800 Pulpit Chair
27" W, 21" D
44" H - 48"H - 44"H
No. 800 Pulpit Chair
No. 820 Pulpit
No. 821 Pulpit
29" w, 48" H, 18" D
No. 825 Communion Table
No. 825 Table
54" L, 22" D, 32" H
Flower Stands, Communion Table, Church Pulpit, and Clergy Chairs
No. 820 Group
Flower Stand: 14" x 14" x 32"
Communion Table: 60"W x 24"D x 32"H
Wing Pulpit: 45" W, 18" D, 48" H

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