Baptismal Fonts

Imperial baptismal fonts include a removable stainless steel bowl and swivel cover, and they are available in styles and colors to match all other Imperial pulpit furniture. All-stained versions come standard in red oak, and the dove carving is optional. Baptismal fonts are 38" high to the bowl and 18" through the diagonal.


NO. 200 and NO. 500

No. 810and No. 820 Baptismal Font

NO. 810 and NO. 820


No. 400 Baptismal Font
NO. 400 Full Length

No. 700 Baptismal Font with dove
NO. 700

No. 400 Baptismal Font lid closeup
NO. 400 Closed

No. 400 Baptismal Font with lid open
NO. 400 Open


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