Church Pulpits

Imperial offers a wide range of church pulpits to meet the needs of nearly all congregations. Our customers can choose from single pulpits that are only 29" wide and are easier to move around, and we also offer wider designs, with detailed moldings and carvings, that can be matched to your other chancel furnishings. Imperial's pulpits are made of the finest quality red oak.
No. 200W Wing Pulpit
200W Wing Pulpit
No. 201 Pulpit
201 Pulpit
No. 300W Wing Pulpit
300W Wing Pulpit
No. 301 Pulpit
301 Pulpit
No. 400W Wing Pulpit
400W Wing Pulpit
No. 401 Pulpit
401 Pulpit
No. 500W Wing Pulpit
500W Wing Pulpit
No. 501 Pulpit
501 Pulpit
No. 5402 Pedestal Pulpit
5402 Pedestal Pulpit
No. 5405 Pulpit
5405 Pulpit
No. 700W Wing Pulpit
700W Wing Pulpit
No. 701 Pulpit
701 Pulpit

No. 810W Wing Pulpit - Colonial style
810W Wing Pulpit

No. 811 Pulpit - Colonial Style
811 Pulpit

No. 820W Wing Pulpit - Colonial Style

820W Wing Pulpit

No. 821 Pulpit - Colonial Style
821 Pulpit

No. 900 Wing Pulpit with arched front panel
900-2 Pulpit
No. 8201 All Stained Pulpit
8201 Stained Pulpit
No. 8201 Two Tone Pulpit
8201 Two Tone Pulpit
No. 8301 Pulpit 
8301 Pulpit
 No 8401 All stained pulpit with squared columns
8401 Stained Pulpit
No 8401 Two tone pulpit with squared columns 
8401 Two Tone Pulpit

TOP-120 Open Style Oak Pulpit
TOP-120 Open Pulpit

TOP-620 Two-tone colonial style pulpit
TOP-620 Open Pulpit

TSP-120 All-stained church pulpit
TSP-120 Stained Pulpit

TSP-180 All-stained Pedestal style church pulpit
TSP-180 Pulpit
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 TSP-620 Colonial Style Pedestal Church Pulpit
TSP-620 Colonial Pulpit
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TWP-105 All Stained Church Pulpit
TWP-105 Stained Pulpit 

TWP-605 Colonial Style Church Pulpit
TWP-605 Colonial Pulpit 


Plexiglass Pulpits

Imperial's plexiglass pulpits are made with a combination of acryllic and red oak. The pulpits come standard with your choice of any standard symbol, and we also have the technology to create a custom acryllic pulpit using your church logo and church name.
No. P101 Plexiglass Pulpit
No. P102 Plexiglass Pulpit
No. P103 Plexiglass Pupit
No. P104 Plexiglass Pulpit

Custom Pulpits By Imperial Woodworks, Inc.


Custom Pulpit 1 - Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

#1-CU Pulpit

Custom Pulpit 2 - Imperial Woodworks, Inc.


Custom Pulpit 3 - Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

#200-CU Walk-In

Custom Pulpit 4 - Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

Custom Pulpit 4

Custom Pulpit 5 - Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

#8302-CU Pulpit

Custom Pulpit 6 - Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

#8402-CU Pulpit

Custom Pulpit 7 - Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

Custom Pulpit 7


#810-CU Pulpit

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