Pew End Accents

Imperial has a variety of different routs and designs that can be used to customize a pew end to the needs and tastes of your church. While selecting the design of your pew ends, it is important to consider the overall shape and architectural style of your building.

Imperial Woodworks would also be glad to work with you and your church to design a pew end customized to meet your needs.  



T1 Gothic Tracery
T2 Gothic Tracery
T3 Gothic Tracery
T4 Gothic Tracery
T5 Gothic Tracery


Incised Routs

No. 17. Incised Cross
No. 17 Cross
No. 19 Incised Cross
No. 19 Cross
No. 40 Face Route
No. 40 Rout
No. 80 Face Route
No. 80 Rout

Elegant Routs

No. 5090S Pew End
No. 90 route (5090-S End)

P2 Rosette
No. 70 Face Route
No. 70-S
No. 52S Face Route
No. 52-S
T7 Face Route
P3 Carving
No. 71 COL Face Route
No. 71 COL
No. 52 COL Face Route
No. 52 COL
No. 20S Face Route
No. 20-S

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