Pew Accessories


Imperial's padded folding kneelers are available in any upholstery fabric to coordinate with your pews or chairs. With the option for metal or wood frame kneelers, all of Imperial's kneelers come standard with rubber bumpers on the bottom and rubber stops to minimize noise during use.


Church Pews with Metal Folding Kneelers Church Pew with metal kneeler folded down
Upholstered Folding Hamlin Kneeler
Church Pew with Wooden Folding Kneeler Church Pew with Wooden Kneeler folded up
Upholstered Folding Wood Kneeler


Imperial's offering of bookracks give the customer the options of cupholders, card and pencil holders, or simply book holders.

No. 200 Series Bookracks

No. 200 Series Bookracks

No. 300 Series Bookracks with card and pencil holder

No. 300 Series Bookracks

No. 400 Series Bookracks with cup, card, and pencil holder

No. 400 Series Bookracks

No. 5000 Series bookracks

No. 5000 Series Bookracks


Collection Plates

Imperial's collection plates provide an elegant tray to pass during this important part of any church service. Plates come standard with upholstery fitted to the inside of the tray to minimize noise.

Wood collection plates



Imperial miters are engineered for maximum strength and durability. This is accomplished with the use of a solid oak miter divider in the pew back. The supports on each side are anchored to the floor to ensure strength and rigidity and provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Church Pew Miter Construction


Installation photo using mitered pew construction




Pew Fronts

Imperial's pew fronts are made in various styles to best coordinate with your Imperial church pews. The styles below represent the style of the panel, and the style of the pew front end will be modified to best match the specific pew end that you select. These pew fronts are also used as choir rails and modesty rails, depending on their location and application. Churches across the country use them to separate their church pews, church choir, and chancel furniture.

No. 4020 Series Pew Front

NO. 4020
Raised Panels All-Stain

No. 4030 two tone style pew front

NO. 4030
Applied Molds (Two-Tone or

No. 4010 two tone style pew front

NO. 4010
Plain Panel (Two-Tone
or All-Stain)

No. 4070 two tone style pew front

NO. 4070
Two-Tone Colonial

No. 5 Stained pew front

NO. 5
Plain, All-Stain

No. 200 Gothic style pew frontal with matching gothic tracery on the end

NO. 200

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