8400 Series Furniture

Imperial Woodworks' 8400 series of fine pulpit furniture is contemporary by design, using beautiful square, fluted columns to coordinate each pulpit, communion table, and flower stand. This furnitue is made combining only FAS red oak materials with fine craftsmanship and years of experience to create a unique ambience for your church. The 8400 series is available in all-stained and two-tone versions.

 8401 All stained pulpit

 8401 Pulpits
36"W x 24"D x 45"H
Available all stained
and two toned.

 8401 Two Tone pulpit


 8410 All stained closed communion table

 8405 Communion Table Two Tone with inscription  8420 Communion Table Two Tone

8410 Table is 60" x 24" x 32"


 8405 Table is 54" x 22" x 32"
Also available all-stained
8420 Table is 60" x 24" x 32"