Funeral Home Caskets and Casket Biers

Imperial Woodworks, Inc. has been manufacturing the finest quality furniture for use in your funeral home chapel since 1960. Products such as pews, chairs, pulpits, and lecterns have commonly been used in a worship setting, and these products allow Imperial to bring its experience to the funeral home market. Most recently, through a joint venture with Unique Caskets, Inc., Imperial now manufactures wooden caskets and matching casket biers.

The standard size casket is made to have 27" interior clearance - much wider than the industry standard. This is engineered to meet the demands of a population that demands larger caskets, while the industry requires smaller caskets to fit inside a standard vault. The exterior width of our standard casket is 29", with patent-pending handles that can be concealed inside the casket box to fit inside the vault.


Oak Casket model no 3290 closed

Wood Casket Model No. 3290

Oak Casket model no 3290 open

Shown with standard white shirred crepe fabric



All stained casket model no. 1290

Stained Wood Casket Model #1290

 All white casket model no. 2290

White Casket Model #2290

Detail of Casket handle with decorative Concho

Patent Pending Handle Design

 Oversized casket with additional handes

Special oversized caskets with total of 10 handles allow for additional pallbearers.


 TG 101 Handle Medallion


 TG 102 Handle Medallion


 TG 103 Handle Medallion


 TG 104 Handle Medallion




All stained casket with lid raises showing cowboy theme panel.

Our caskets are available with theme panels to provide a unique, personal touch.

 Cowboy theme panel in all stained casket

IW 001

 Rose theme panel shown in all stained casket

IW 003

 Our Lady of Guadalupe religious theme panel in all stained casket

IW 004

Dove theme panel shown in all stained casket

#5 Dove Theme 



Casket biers are available in style and color to beautifully coordinate with our casket designs to create an elegant display. All casket biers come standard with heavy duty non-marking casters for ease of movement, and heavy rubber bumpers on the top to stabilize the casket.

All stained casket bier model no. 110 

No. 100 Casket Bier - All stained

White casket bier model no. 120 

No. 200 Casket Bier - White

 All stained casket model 12900 displayed on bier model 110 White casket model 22900 displayed on bier model 120